AU NATURALE Kiondo // Natural Handwoven Basket // Made of Black & White Sisal

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This beautiful, organically shaped black and white basket is handwoven by a bibi&me weaving cooperative in Kenya to empower the women and provide an additional source of income.


MATERIALS: Natural sisal, natural dyes

DIMENSIONS: 30cm x 30cm approx

Please note this item is made to order and will take 6-8 weeks to ship.

Made from sisal harvested locally, natural dyes from plants and wool and then handwoven into a truly unique design chosen by the women themselves. You can really see the personality of each weaver in their unique baskets and we fully encourage this creativity.

More art than basket. A Kiondo is an African handwoven basket typically made from sisal and is indigenous to the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes of Kenya. You will never see two baskets the same and the small irregularities you may find comes from the true beauty of #madebyhand.

bibi&me collaborate with female weaving cooperatives throughout Kenya and give full support and training to the women we work alongside. Our relationships are based on trust and fairtrade. A Kiondo this size may take up to 4 full days to create and usually three weeks from order to fulfilment as they are woven in between times of a busy family and work life. 

Every purchase you make with bibi&me goes straight back into the communities we work with.