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So They Can is a not for profit organisation, working with local communities and governments, committed to empowering women and children living in poverty in Africa through education. We achieve this through providing improved learning conditions, teacher training and development, child well being, women’s empowerment, community engagement and health programs.

bib&me is a social impact brand created by So They Can. We connect with women, so they can create income generating opportunities to provide life’s essentials, including food, clothing, shelter and education for their children, building themselves a more secure and sustainable future. 

Our products are all handmade in Kenya utilising traditional artisan skills handed down by the bibi’s ~ grandmother or lady in Swahili. 

When you buy from bibi&me you aren’t just bringing the colour and energy of Africa into your home, you are also playing a part in helping over 16,500 women and children break the poverty cycle through education. 100% of profits from bibi&me sales are used to support the educational empowerment programs run by So They Can in East Africa.

Experience the true reciprocity of giving with one of our handmade products or find out more about what we do at

bibi&me is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, FTA.

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