why shop with bibi & me?


When you buy from bibi&me you are experiencing the true reciprocity of giving. Your purchase impacts these amazing African women and their children, creating income opportunities to enable them to become self-sufficient.
100% of profits from bibi&me sales are used to support the educational empowerment programs run by So They Can in East Africa www.sotheycan.org. So They Can empowers over 16,500 women and children in Kenya and Tanzania through education so they can break the poverty cycle. bibi&me is a true ethical and social impact business.
All of the women we employ are paid well and work in a beautiful workshop, their children attend the local school So They Can built, Aberdare Ranges Primary. bibi&me embraces the colour, vibrancy and zest for life that the wonderful African women we work with possess. 
Bibi and you connecting across the globe. That’s gotta feel good.
Wisdom, given by the elders, the incredible women who have seen it all and are the heart of the community, the ‘bibi’s’ (grandmothers) using their traditional artisan skills.
Hope, given by the next generation, the young single mothers who want a better future for themselves and their children and are creating that positive change with Sew Women Can, a project committed to empowering through education.